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September 2016

Kelsey welcomes Rebecca Lavoie of “Crime Writers On…” to have an open and honest discussion about death and – more specifically – Kevin Flynn’s mortal remains. Plus, a new segment with Sean!


Crime Writer’s On… Website

Rebecca Lavoie’s Twitter

Crime Writer’s On… Twitter

In this episode, Kelsey explains the embalming process, her opinions on embalming corpses, a history on how embalming helped create the American Funeral Industry, and answers the question: What the heck is an A/V plug anyway?

This week, Deathcast decided to take a quick weeklong break, but never fear! Kelsey and her husband Sean decide to discuss the popular Netflix Show “Stranger Things” whilst imbibing alcohol. What could go wrong? Well, SPOILERS. For one….

This week’s music is brought to you by NICKELPUNK –

On this quick and dirty episode of ShortCast, Kelsey cross-interviews her 7 year old son, Bee. It quickly devolves from there. Hey, at least the editing is getting better

In this episode of Deathcast, Kelsey explains the semi-simple process on how  a body naturally decomposes, and how this correlates to the children’s book “Chicken Soup with Rice”, She also briefly mentions explosions…again.

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