Books can be found in the Book link above.

Funeral Consumer Alliance – How To Save On Caskets (There is also a bevy of amazing consumer rights information, it’s worth your time to peruse around.)

Costco Caskets

Kent Caskets & Ark Wood Caskets for all your flat pack, DIY needs!

Link to a Guardian Article about Ghanaian Coffins (Fantasy Coffins, or Abebuu Adekai) – You can also do a Google Image Search using any of the aforementioned phrases above.

Link to the Vic Fearn & Co Ltd website  (yeah I know, great website, bad website name! 😦 )

Vice article about exploding caskets

Washington Post article about exploding caskets Written by Josh Slocum of the Funeral Consumers Alliance.

WARNING: DO NOT LOOK UP “Exploding Caskets” via Google Image Search unless you don’t mind a little gore!!!

Ecopod Coffins Homepage & a NYT article regarding Biodegradable Coffins  – Not to be confused with Ecopod or Ecocapsule homes!

There was a LOAD of information on Jae Rhim Lee and her now famous Mushroom Suits!
A good place to start is her own website, the Infinity Burial Project
Her now famous TED Talk (Video)
And here’s a supplemental link to an NPR TED Radio Hour show called “Rethinking Death” which she is featured in.
And a Daily Mail article about her TED Talk can be found as well!