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July 2016



LA Times article about the dead body in San Diego

The CNN Money article about the dead body in Wyoming

CBS Boston article about the dead body in New Hampshire

Another LA Times article about 2 Marines catching an attempted murderer suspect! 





Books can be found in the Book link above.

Funeral Consumer Alliance – How To Save On Caskets (There is also a bevy of amazing consumer rights information, it’s worth your time to peruse around.)

Costco Caskets

Kent Caskets & Ark Wood Caskets for all your flat pack, DIY needs!

Link to a Guardian Article about Ghanaian Coffins (Fantasy Coffins, or Abebuu Adekai) – You can also do a Google Image Search using any of the aforementioned phrases above.

Link to the Vic Fearn & Co Ltd website  (yeah I know, great website, bad website name! 😦 )

Vice article about exploding caskets

Washington Post article about exploding caskets Written by Josh Slocum of the Funeral Consumers Alliance.

WARNING: DO NOT LOOK UP “Exploding Caskets” via Google Image Search unless you don’t mind a little gore!!!

Ecopod Coffins Homepage & a NYT article regarding Biodegradable Coffins  – Not to be confused with Ecopod or Ecocapsule homes!

There was a LOAD of information on Jae Rhim Lee and her now famous Mushroom Suits!
A good place to start is her own website, the Infinity Burial Project
Her now famous TED Talk (Video)
And here’s a supplemental link to an NPR TED Radio Hour show called “Rethinking Death” which she is featured in.
And a Daily Mail article about her TED Talk can be found as well!



The New York Times 1896 article.

Wired Article on “Whale Bathing”.

Smithsonian Article (30 hours!)


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